Our Focus

Customer & Market Focus

Sunnyseeker gives special attention to any future collaboration, focusing on expandable markets whilst very carefully evaluating each case before any co-operation which may take place. The main target is to diversify hotel sales in order to eliminate risk (Risk Spreading).

Quality CSQ (Customer Focused Results)

Special attention is given to guest opinion and satisfaction and for this reason questionnaires for all Sunnyseeker Hotels are placed in guest rooms, this way guests can provide valued feedback concerning our services.

Guests who leave an e-mail address will receive a reply to their questionnaire from the hotel. The Public Relations Officer keeps record of the survey results and all comments left by guests are categorized and discussed in the Head of Departments Management Meetings.

Quality Systems

Extra special attention is given with regards to Health & Safety in Sunnyseeker areas. Sunnyseeker Hotels is in collaboration with Mansystems Business Consultants who have set forth the Health & Safety procedures required.


Renewable energy sources and respect towards the environment is on our priority list. Sunnyseeker strictly follows the procedures set forth from its Consultants and the Maintenance Department who deals with Renewable Sources has succeeded in decreasing the electricity consumption by 30% and the diesel consumption by 50%.


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